The internet is a junk place – with pearls inside

(some of the following links are only german)
grafic design by my sister gerlinde
all about XT600
great forum for travel and motorbikes
my bike&mountain-friend Claus Dettelacher shows great pictures of mountains and bike tours, as well as philosophical texts

Romania „at it’s best“"The GPS receiver from GARMIN was on the bike for many thousand kilometers, sometimes under extreme road and weather conditions and always worked without any problems!
fantastic countryinfos and pictures, all about travel & bike
very personal, individual and medical travel-advice
he checked my bike before my tour with perfectionism
great high tech animation
webdesign and pc-support
Philipp and his team offer a complete education program for any outdoor paedagogic issue.
Find the right announcer and the right voice.
Lucas bought my XT - the story goes on