Engine: is completely in original condition. 40 HP have always been sufficient for interresting journeys. Max Reisch went from Austria to India on a 17 HP 2-stroke Puch 250 in 1934 - even with a second person on the bike. So, it’s the rider – not the bike!

Exhaust Pipe: no changes here as well. Even if noisy pipes are popular and they clear the road with their alarming sound in a respectless manner I personally do not like this acoustic polution at all!

Carriersystem from Bernd Tesch (www.berndtesch.de) Welded steel, totally heavy and solid. Aluminum Boxes offer each 49 Liter of storage capacity. If repair work in the rear wheel section is necessary I just flip her on the side.

Enforced, progressive Fork Springs manufactured from White Power are worth every Cent. Anybody who has crashed full speed in a bump knows why KTM uses the same brand!

Front Fork Stabilisator: additional connection bridge right above the front wheel. Helps to improve stability during tough rides.