Headlamp Grid: obvious what it is for but surprising how hard it was to get one!

Hot Grips: what a pleasure to have them when you need them! Feels good and helps to drive save and relaxed.
Acerbis – Handprotectors: protect handle bars, fingers, brake- and clutch levers and takes away quite some wind chill.

Higher Handle:
nothing better to stand up straight and relaxed instead of a humpback. Especially for longer off-road riding!

23-Liter Tank:
450 Kilometers of happy riding before having a Kitkat at the next gas station!

takes away lots of energy stealing wind preasure from your shoulders. Should not be too high for off-road.

on the back side of the windshield. Lovely if you like to use maps and have a passion for navigation .

GPS: Nice addition to maps. I have the Garmin 12XL for finding my position on a map in the dessert or orientation rallyes like Enduromania. The holder is from Touratech and the whole system is connected to the board electricity. Recommended because so the vibrations from the ride can not loos the batteries!

Enlarged Exhaust Valve Caps: expecially for the big air cooled one cylinder engines a nice feature.

RR-Oil Thermometer – a Must! shows exactly the oil resp.- engine temperature and so I know when it is warm enough to go full throttle! There is no better insurance for an engine! 0-40C take it easy; 40-60C get ready, 60-120C have full fun! 130C (rare) – have a break.

Additional Oil Cooler and Thermostat: not really necessary for Middle Europe. But there is no alternative if you go for the dessert.