Crash bars: so far they have not even a single little scratch allthough the bike had little accidents. At least they are helpful to fasten the tank-bags.

Motor Protection Sheet: how nice to know that all the stones and rocks that hit you or you hit them – however – they wont hit the engine cause it is protected by 4mm of Aluminum!

Rear luggage carrier: very handy to fasten big bags and cases.

Steelflex - front brakeline: braking power can be measured out much more precisely - never want to miss it! Good dealer in Vienna:

my workplace! Customized with gel inlets and ergonomically optimised. It protects my back and my spine!

Automatic Chain Lubricating System: Was fun to install and it is even more fun not to use the sticky sprays anymore! They just hold every dust and dirt on the chain that finally sand all the parts. Purest transmission oil drops once per minute on the chain. More infos at famous (I use which mostly similar but not available in English).