It was a lot of fun and pleasure to prepare my bike! It was a hobby beside business that took lots of research, and learning by try and error. Anyhow, through the years the bike got quite an individual character.

A solid base to build up a custom bike that should be suitable for far-distance-overland-traveling was the good old Yamaha XT600. Alternatives at the time (year 2000) were KTM LC4 and Honda Africa Twin. Both great bikes with advantages and disadvantages – as everything in this world. Final choice for the XT was the great price and the simple technical system that should be able to be repaired anywhere. Also a bike can be “de-valued” within a second and not too much investment should get lost in a worst case scenario. Additional benefit is the low compression engine that runs perfectly with low-quality gas (Africa). Also there is a fantastic internet platform with a great technical board – it is

However, the discussion about bikes is endless like the sky above the campfire. Most important is what you do and to get started !


Details (with pictures):

Details A: Engine | Exhaust Pipe | Carriersystem | Fork Springs | Fork Stabilisator

Details B: Headlamp Grid | Hot Grips | Handprotectors | Higher Handle | 23-Liter Tank | Windshield | Kompass | GPS |Enlarged Exhaust Valve Caps | RR-Oil Thermometer | Oil Cooler

Details C: Crash bars | Motor Protection Sheet | Rear luggage carrier | Front brakeline | Automatic Chain Lubricating System | Tyres