From Johannesburg to Capetown,
15. January till 11. Febuary 2006

After Gerdi takes off towards Vienna I do not feel like traveling too much that day. Interesting is the fact that my cell phone breaks down on the same day and we can’t even send each other text messages anymore.

Since I have already seen plenty of elephants it is easy for me to skip the Kruger National Park. Instead of going there I take the side roads towards Cape Town. Between endless meadows and farm areas I enjoy the pure Africaans back country.

The side road ride is just a phantastic gravel travel since most of the dirt tracks are narrow and crooky. And suddenly I arrive in Tarkastaat, a little town in the middle of nowhere. When asking for a camp ground I get invited for beer in the local Rino Bar and after a day in the saddle it would have been too hard to say “no”. Dirt and dust covered as I am they invite me to spend some days on a farm that has twice the size of Vienna.

In the evening its time for BBQ and the entire next day I help gathering more than 280 cows, bulls and caddles to burn and sterilize them. A hard job and in the evening a big sandwich and drinks complete the day.

„Wanna shoot with a real hunting rifle?“ As I join Poacher (he is a professional hunter but his nick name is really Poacher!) and his friends on a private game drive, a kind of safari, I would of course take the chance to shoot with that thing.

Now, as a typical Middle European you are not really confronted with guns and for sure I don’t know what 416-Rigby means. Today I know better – they use that amunition to kill elephants and buffaloes! Imagine box champion Mike Thyson hitting your shoulder cause he thinks you are after his girl friend – this might be the same impact as the recoild of that rifle. 

The trip continues and again I see the Indian Ocean. From being a Cowboy I turn into a Beach Boy and spend some days in cool surfer athmosphere.

For the last time the chain has to be tightened. I had put it on in Turkey but now it has really done its job and hangs down almost to the ground. But it will make it from Port Elisabeth to Cape Town on the famous Garden Route.

In Betty’s Bay Bruce and I meet again. We had met for the first time in Ethiopia when he was going North and meanwhile he flew back from Jordan to Cape Town. Fortunately he has a crate for the bike (same model as mine!) left over and I buy that wooden box from him. Cape Town is just one day away and I think of Paris – Dakkar rallye pilots who get psychological support when they notice that they win the race. In my case a chat with people I meet on the road does the same job!



Just before CapeTown the first spokes get pulled out of the rim. This is a late result of the pot hole impact in Sudan. I tighten them with cable straps to prevent them from causing bigger damage.

most southern point of africa

Cape Agulhas is the most Southern point of Africa! An old British gentleman sees my number plate and shakes my hand without saying a word – but the spark in his eyes says much more.

Cape Agulhas

Big day is 20 January! NOTHING compares to the feeling when arriving in Cape Town after such a crazy, great and wonderful ride across the African continent. I roll down town on a clear sunny blue sky afternoon with tears of happiness in my eyes. One hour of crowded life is worth more than a life without a name. My aura must have been so strong that suddenly the entire city has a black out. Friday afternoon, everybody on the road to leave town and no traffic light works – was funny to look at!

Capetown (from Lion's Head)

Cape Town has a lot to offer. Street artists on Water Front, Party life on Long Street or seagulls that steal your sandwich from your hand.

Water Front

Long Street


I find time to heal an infection on my leg from surfing which was the only health problem on the trip. Some shipping companies offer to ship my bike back.

Then one day the Table mountain burns! A tourist had thrown away a cigarette with dramatic consequences!

Helicopters fly for days with water bombs but still some houses get destroyed by the fire.

Of course a day trip to Cape of Good Hope is part of every Cape Town tourist. In Simons Town the owner of a restaurant gives me a bottle of red wine to show his enthusiasm for the trip.

The botanic gardens of Cape Town are inviting to read books, the aquarium is certainly worth visiting.

Beach #2 is meeting point of fire artists every Monday, and a great thing to do is to climb up Lions head to get a phantastic view on down town Cape Town.

One day the shipping company calls to inform me that it’s time for getting the bike customs cleared. Shipping a motorbike from South Africa to Austria is not like buying a tram way ticket. So for the last time I have that Easy Rider feeling, rolling down the highway, heavy metal thunder, looking for adventure and what ever comes up to me … born to be wild! Then I face the down grade from king of the road to simple pedestrian.


Mud guards have to be taken off, front fork disassembeled and even a tire has to be taken off the rim. One day of screwing and in the end the whole thing is packed in a wooden crate. Mission accomplished.

With a group of friends we celebrate farewell and finally a draught through time and space pulls me back to freezing winter Vienna. My girlfriend and family are more than happy to see me – a warmhearted welcome.


I remember one moment in the airplane when the captain informed us that the plane was 300km north of Karthoum, Sudan. I looked out of the window and could see the Nile again reflecting the moon light ...


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